MARINER About company

About company

“Mariner Yachts it`s a modern yacht shipyard . It was created by people over 25 years associated with the Polish sailing, having an extensive experience gained from the construction of yachts and sailing across multiple units and sea areas.
Luxury yachts our production leaving our Polish shipyard is 100% hand-made units sailboat. For more than 25 years with the greatest attention to the quality of the products we create constantly evolving our range of flagship models. All stages of production from the preparation of the project, lamination equipment installation take place on the spot, so we have continuity in the process of quality control at every stage of construction and finally we can do the test ditching of a water basin located at the production hall – The Dziećkowicki Lagoon.

In the production process of the yacht are open to suggestions and wishes of our customers with a for individual orders units. We also build units for their own needs for offering charter services. Currently, we have a modern fleet in Masuria District made for Charters .

Creating a family of fast and comfortable boats under the name MARINER we believe that, will satisfy expectations of experienced Polish and foreign sailors.

We also can store your boat during the winter, thus ensuring the safety of the service.

Thanks to our hard work and dedication Mariner Yachts models are already known throughout Europe. All models were designed by a young acclaimed by many experts in the industry and the press, an experienced sailor racing, having won several championships, one of the eminent Polish designer Wojciech Spisak. Through his projects, our units are not only sporty, but also classic elegance, ease use, the interior has been designed in a smart way to use the space as much as possible to get the most convenience for sailors.

In all boats we used products with the highest European standards,
safe materials with modern latest technology, according to customer specifications, guaranteed by the manufacturer assigned certificate of compliance with European Union directives – CE, so customers can be sure that the boat meets all quality requirements and safety.

We are proud of our company’s development and with co-financing from the EU funds can participate in a growing number of national and international trade fairs, so that through the promotion of our brand gaining an increasing number of agents, and thus, the final recipients.

Cordially invite you to visit our yard and the presentation of the boat on the water. You can test the chosen boat.